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"We all enjoy those moments of sudden realization when we exclaim 'I got it!'
I call those moments the inner ding"– Keith
At The Inner Ding, we believe in comfort, healing and freedom.
– We are committed to helping you find your Inner Ding!

What we do!

The Inner Ding facilitates healing and freedom. Most people have old energy stuck in their bodies. Causes can be tramatic as in divorce, financial loss, and physical or emotional trauma or as mild as a fear of the dark.

Through a Clairvoyant reading, I can locate the stuck energy and work with you to clear and heal it. Using my gift of seeing energy and the colors of chakras & auras, I can identify what is working and not working in your life. As a certified Hypnotherapist, I can facilitate a healing to bring the conscious and unconscious mind back into alignment. The goal is to create your comfort, healing, freedom, and peace of mind.

The result of healing and releasing these energies is the opportunity for positive change in your life, including health, emotions, will-power, love, communication, spiritual growth and inspiration for your life dreams.

Additionally, I offer workshops for clients to become more familiar with their own energy and how to manage it.

Toe Reading is an Art which I employ to understand your life's journey so far, when working for a client's healing. But Toe Reading can be just darn fun, too! Consider a Toe Reader for your next party.

Ongoing Events



  • Hypnotherapist: Align unconscious drive with conscious desire.
  • Clairvoyant: Locate and remove energy blockages for clarity and balance.
  • Art of Toe Reading: Toes broadcast information about your relationship with yourself and others. Find out what yours are saying!
For more information, contact Keith
Phone: 602-400-6789
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